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Hartman Scale Company Inc. will design and manufacture custom weight control systems to meet our customers EXACT requirements.

Taking your project from concept to completion is our primary focus. We can design, manufacture, program and implement for a complete "turn key" approach.

The project to the left utilizes four continuous "loss in weight" vibratory feeder systems to blend product.  The primary product is fed from an oven and the four different colored products are added to the product flow based on a percentage of the product from the oven.  The target percentages are adjustable from the touchscreen operator interface.

This support structure is manufactured from carbon steel and painted with "Steel-it" paint for a durable long lasting finish with all material contact surfaces being stainless steel.

The heart of this system is an Allen Bradley SLC PLC with a Panelview 1000 for operator interface.  The Hardy C2 load cells were used in this application along with their HI-1746WS PLC scale card. The C2 load cells allow us to perform fast calibration of the system on a daily basis without the use of test weights.

The operator enters the percentage of each product to be dispensed based on the product flow from the oven. The system automatically adjusts the speed of the vibratory feeders to deliver a consistent rate of product at the rate selected. Also provided are two accumulators for each feeder to keep track of shift and daily totals.

The control system alerts the operator when the upper container is about to deplete with a flashing light which blinks faster as the level of material drops.  

Continuous feed or batch control systems like this can provide greater consistency in results and ultimately a better quality product.

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